TEWS Histories, 1966-1968

Until August, 1971, the EC-47 fleet in Southeast Asia was operated by three Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadrons (TEWS), all subordinate to the 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing (TRW) headquartered at Saigon’s Tan Son Nhut airbase. Aircraft based at Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, were operated by a detachment of the 360th TEWS. 

Squadron histories were compiled “on the spot” by a designated historian and submitted quarterly to the parent wing. The declassified 460th TRW histories are held by the U.S. Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA) at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. In addition to narrative descriptions, these documents  contain mission statistics and occasional “sanitized” feedback from the 6994th Security Squadron concerning ARDF results. Unfortunately, most of the 6994th history remains classified. Thus the quarterly TEWS histories, brief as they sometimes are, represent the best available contemporary record of day-to-day EC-47 operations and achievements. 

The pdf files are scans of paper copies. The earliest histories were photocopied at AFHRA, page by laborious page, nearly 20 years ago. Due to time constraints, some pages unrelated to operations were not copied. At some point, we hope to retrieve these histories in their entirety. 

(Note: These emblems were strictly unofficial and often varied in appearance and format.)

360th TEWS

361st TEWS 362nd TEWS


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360th_Jul-Sep 1966     361st_Jul-Sep 1966  Not Applicable
360th_Oct-Dec 1966      361st_Oct-Dec 1966 362nd_Oct-Dec 1966
 360th_Jan-Mar 1967      361st_Jan-Mar 1967 362nd_Jan-Mar 1967
(Apr-Jun '67 Missing)      (Apr-Jun '67 Missing) (Apr-Jun '67 Missing)
360th_Jul-Sep 1967     361st_Jul-Sep 1967 362nd_Jul-Sep 1967
(Oct-Dec '67 Missing)       (Oct-Dec '67 Missing)    (Oct-Dec '67 Missing) 
360th_Jan-Mar 1968      361st_Jan-Mar 1968 362nd_Jan-Mar 1968
360th_Apr-Jun 1968      361st_Apr-Jun 1968 362nd_Apr-Jun 1968
360th_Jul-Sep 1968      361st_Jul-Sep 1968 362nd_Jul-Sep 1968
360th_Oct-Dec 1968      361st_Oct-Dec 1968 362nd_Oct-Dec 1968