General - Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to J.C. Wheeler and the old and websites?

J.C. Wheeler started the original in 1997.  After several years of growth in size and complexity, the domain name was lost to a competitive bidder.  Much of the original data was moved to a slightly modified new domain name  In October 2014, J.C. Wheeler turned over ownership and management of to Joe Martin and Tom Nurre. 

When the annual registration renewal deadline for the original domain name was missed, a scavenger company registered the domain name…with profit driven resale intentions.  After repeated attempts to regain this domain name, we decided not to pay the unrealistic resale price and opted instead to continue the available domain name.  All of the data base links to the lost domain name were erased. 

What is the name of the current website server company?

Mediajaw Web Design and Hosting, Jody Gentry – owner, San Angelo, TX

Who manages the content and upkeep of the current website?

With full support from Media Jaw Web Design and Hosting, Joe Martin and Tom Nurre, both experienced EC-47 ARDF aircrew members, manage and update this website. They may be contacted at [email protected]

Is there a formal organization of members associated with

No.  The former EC-47 Association was shuttered several years ago.  The current enjoys a readership already associated with linked membership organization websites.  The 6994th Security Squadron (, Freedom Through Vigilance Association ( and 362nd Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron ( are just three examples of linked organizations. 

How much does it cost to maintain the website?

The current contract included website domain registration, previous website data mining and recovery, new website design, and full programming and training services.  The initial cost was $2,980.00 and was paid in full with a generous grant from the Freedom Through Vigilance Association.  This contract expires on October 31, 2015.

How much will it cost to renew the domain name and continued hosting by Mediajaw?


How may I contribute money to help maintain the domain name and management support?

We are designing a “Donate” function for this website.  Once this function is designed and fully tested/secured, a notice will be displayed on the homepage.