Welcome to the EC-47 History Site

This website is about the EC-47 and the men who flew and maintained the aircraft during the Vietnam War. Here you’ll find graphics and information relating to the EC-47 and its unique Signals Intelligence mission. Buttons on the home page link to noteworthy topics, and the search feature will locate names, words, or phrases throughout the site. 

The EC-47 History Site was launched in 1997 by MSgt (retired) J.C. Wheeler.  J.C. was the flight mechanic on the fourth EC-47 aircraft (P model #43-48933) to make its way to Vietnam, arriving in country on September 10, 1966.  This original website has been preserved as it appeared in October, 2014, and can be accessed directly from the new home page. 

This site will continue to expand as new data and graphics are received. If you have questions or wish to contribute material to the site, use the “Contact Us” feature at the top of the home page. 

Meanwhile, please explore the site—and check back often to see what’s new!