Top Movies of 1966



The Internet Movie Data Base ( and, two of the many companies that collect movie production and movie goer preferences, produced listings for the Best Movies for 1966.  Film critic, Roger Ebert, produced a listing of 378 Best Movies of All Time - and five of the best 1966 movies made his listing.  There is fair agreement among the listings, especially for the selections making the top-15.  The following listing of top movies for 1966 is compiled from products accredited to the three sources mentioned above.  Original trailers are available for all of these movies. . .and are linked to the movie title.  Click on the movie poster and enjoy the standard 2-3-minute trailer (or actual scenes) for each movie.  Once the video is finished, click your browser Return Arrow or the video player X button, depending upon your browser display.  My favorite movie of 1966 was El Dorado.  I hope you find one of your favorite movies from 1966 in this listing.

      Persona - Bibi Anderson & Liv Ullmann          The Good, The Bad, The Ugly  - Clint Eastwood

     Closely Watched Trains - Vaclav Neckar         Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf - Liz Taylor

      A Man for all Seasons - Leo McKern                 au hasard Balthazar - Anne Wiazemsky

      Alfie - Michael Cain                                                    Georgy Girl - James Mason

      Blow-Up - David Hemmings

      The Russians Are Comming, The Russians Are Coming - Carl Reiner & Eva Marie Saint

      Batman: The Movie - Adam West                        The Silencers - Dean Martin

    El Dorado - John Wayne                                         The Professionals - Burt Lancaster

      The Battle of Algiers - Brahim Hadjadj               The Sand Pebbles - Steve McQueen


Roger Ebert movies from 1966:  #25 - au hasard Balthazar

                                                                           #35 - The Battle of Algiers

                                                                           #49 - Blow-Up

                                                                          #132 - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

                                                                          #249 - Persona