Annex 2.16: "Eye" Corps, July-December 1967


All references to COMPASS DART, SENTINEL SARA, and EC-47 mission statistics are from the History of the 6994th Security Squadron, July-December 1967.

The Situation in July 

     “Thus, while we continued to gain …” and “the proximity of the enemy's sanctuary …. are from Westmoreland and Sharp, Report on the War in Vietnam (As of 30 June 1968), pages 134 and 137. 

     For Hue’s vulnerability, see MACV. The Joint Command in the Years of Escalation, 1962–1967, p. 422. Published by the Army’s Center of Military History (CHM), available on-line. 

     The KIA statistics were compiled from figures listed for individual ground operations in the MACV Command History for 1967. 

     Quotations in the last paragraph are from U.S. Marines in Vietnam. Fighting the North Vietnamese, 1967, pages 92 and 94.

Con Thien and Operation NEUTRALIZE 

     Background for this part was taken from various sections of Fighting the North Vietnamese and Combat Operations. Taking the Offensive, October 1966 to 1967 by CMH. Bomb tonnages are from Appendix 6 of The War in South Vietnam. The Years of the Offensive, 1965-1968, by the USAF history office. 

     “Although the goals established …” is from the MACV Command History, 1967.

COMPASS DART and The McNamara Line 

     This section is based primarily on the 6994th history and Annex A of Vol. III of the 1967 MACV history, “The Anti-Inflation Barrier.” 

Supporting Southern I Corps 

     Miscellaneous sections, Fighting the North Vietnamese and Taking the Offensive. Quotations relating to SIGINT in paragraph five are from Taking the Offensive, pages 277-278. The statements were made some 15 years after the events in response to interviews conducted by CMH historians.

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