The War in Review - 1967 into 1968

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We start the new year proudly displaying this recently presented Certificate of Appreciation. It cites our continuing outreach that touched frontenders and backenders alike in well as nearly 3,000 Vietnam veterans and their families across the nation since we began in 2015.  

The 50-year look-back for 1968 begins next month. Joe Martin is working on articles that will finish the review of actions late in 1967...and begin "connecting the dots" regarding the TET Offensive.  Tom Nurre is working on a CT-29A SENTINEL STRING article that will highlight that ARDF mission flying out of Osan, Korea. Developed through the BIG SAFARI program, the CT-29A was equipped with re-purposed ARDF and COMINT collection equipments (HF/VHF) developed for the EC-47 program by the Sanders Corporation. More as we go. . .

The succeeding slides bring attention to topics from the 50th Vietnam War Commemoration website Timeline, our related unit history look-back 50-years ago, and supporting documents covering the Vietnam War and current events that have been featured over the past 12 months. 

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