6994th Unit Histories Declassified

The SIGINT community is notoriously loath to completely declassify it's historical materials, even documents nearly a half-century old. But thanks to some help from our friends at Angelo State University, we’ve achieved a major breakthrough. The 6994th histories through 1969 are now available on line at ASU’s War Stories page.

This wouldn’t have happened without the help of several people, but Dr. Christine Lamberson of the ASU History Department deserves special mention. Dr. Lamberson submitted the FOIA request back in October, 2015, and continues to maintain close liaison with 25th Air Force in an effort to obtain the complete set of the unit histories.

So click on the War Stories image below to check out the official records of what we did—and sometimes how and why we did it—written shortly after the events occurred. But these histories are of necessity only a brief outline. If what you read triggers a memory, or if you can add more detail, by all means let us know. That’s what this website is all about!